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Revizor Ltd. is a limited liability company for auditing and consulting services.

Since its founding 2003rd year of his business is based on several elements that we think contribute significantly to the success of long-term partnerships with our clients: 

- Accuracy - is impeccable quality business always depends on time, respecting deadlines and terms. Accuracy is the core of good business.

- Kindness - because customer satisfaction largely depends on the effort and response providers to their inquiries and requests.

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Accounting and Auditing

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Successful accounting requires skills, experience and precision, creativity and skill. Studies have shown that the costs (software, hardware, rent, furniture, professional journals, education, counseling ....), several times more expensive than external accounting services.

Besides the great advantages of cost reduction with us you can be sure that this segment of your business to be done harmoniously all laws and regulations as regular follow professional literature and in contact with the competent authorities have the Tax Administration, the Republic of Serbian Association of Accountants, etc.

In the strictest sense, the term audit is considered a test of reality of the financial statements of companies, the legality of operations and evaluation of internal accounting controls, all in accordance with International Accounting Standards, International Standards on Auditing and national legislation.



Services that we provide

We are qualified to provide our current and future clients with a professional service at a very high level, with a high degree of flexibility and individual approach, using the most modern methodological approaches in the field of auditing financial statements, consolidated financial statements, business, credit rating, and special solventsnosti balance etc.

Services in the area of ​​valuation of assets for internal and external users, the sale of shares or units, the establishment of legal persons or other change in status of the company.


With employees of our company, you can contact a number of ways. For all inquiries, consult our staff are always available to personally, as well as by phone and e-mail addresses.

Address:Sveti Sava 26, 74000 Doboj.
Phone: +387(0)53/236-580
Fax: +387(0)53/236-580
Web: www.revizordoo.com
E-mail: revizor@do.elta-kabel.com

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